Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Malabrigo March

SOOOO EXCITING! It's almost March, which means.... Malabrigo March! I cannot possibly wait for this! I wanna knit with all my Mal rightthisveryminute!

Malabrigo March is a fun event/activity held on the forums on Ravelry, where you knit projects durring the month of March out of Malabrigo. Makes sense, huh! So in preperation, I have downloaded my patterns, purchased some yarn, and gotten all my little project bags and needles ready.
Contests are another part of Mal March and you can win fun prizes. (They say they are fun, I have no idea what exactly they are to be honest.) I'm going to try to win the scrappy contest, where you use Mal scraps under a certain yardage to make one project, or multiple scraps of different colors to make one large project. I will be making the scrappy lengthwise scarf in the scraps from all the other projects.

So, until then I have some other projects to try to finish like the Springtime Bandit for the ravelympics, and a scarf I've just been putzing around with. I figured I will take a few days and learn to crochet! One of my bestest friends in the whole wide world, April, sent me this book this week because we have been talking about all the little times in knitting they ask you to sometimes crochet. She found these books, and grabbed me one too!

I plan on sitting down with this book and some yarn and teaching myself the basics. One of my favorite patterns I have found is a crochet eyelet baby blanket. I have no babies to knit for... but I'm going to make it anyways!
Thanks April! I love my new book!

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  1. You're welcome :) I'm pretty excited to try it too. I'm imagining all the cool crochet tank tops and skirts I can make that will be great Gorge wear! :D