Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Bread, knitting, weather and mexican food

I promised some sourdough bread recipes, but I'm not even going to share the first one I tried. It was some crazy recipe with just a little sourdough starter, 25 minutes of kneading, 30 minutes of resting time, form your loaves and then let it sit for 14 hours before baking. WHEW! The bread barely rose, even once it was baking, and although it tastes good, it's heavy. Really heavy. So tomorrow I'm going to make another batch with a different starter with a different recipe. I am determined to make this work even if I use 10 bags of flour.

In the knitting realm, nothing much is happening but I'm almost done with my damson shawl by Ysolda Teague. I've been wanting to knit this shawl since I started knitting and after many many projects I'm finally "getting around to it".
I've also started knitting a scarf and am about halfway done with it, more on that at another time. I'm looking forward to finishing my damson shawl and starting something new! I love new projects!

In weather news, it was so gorgeous out today that the man and I went to one of our favorite little Mexican restaurants to eat outside on their picnic tables, but there was the unfortunate mess of some people standing on the sidewalk smoking. We finished our meal inside and went home to take a walk around the lake. It was so lovely outside, the ducks were hanging out around the lake, and people were out walking their dogs. I'm not used to this kind of weather this time of year, but I'm not at all complaining. Rest of the week looks about the same, so many hours shall be spent outside, maybe I will even go to the garden and pick the oranges tomorrow.

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  1. so- when your finished will you make me a starter, so that I too can have sourdough bread made from scratch??